Rational Americans

Judicial Reform

Rational Americans
When a sitting president, "civil Officer of the United States", political operative, involved family member or political campaign donor violates the law, the American people should have no doubt that such individual will be quickly investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted.  To that end, we offer our proposed reforms, which were designed to provide the tools and the power to those constant guardians on whose shoulders and patriotism the endurance of our Democracy rests.
  1. TENURE: Attorneys General, National Security Advisors, Federal Judges and Prosecutors and FBI Director

    1. Given President Donald Trump's effort to turn the Attorney General and the Justice Department into his own "personal protector" in order to thwart any investigation of his own misdeeds; and
    2. in view of the elimination of the "Filibuster" rule by recent Senate Majority Leaders whenever necessary to benefit their own party's agenda; and
    3. to protect our Constitutional Democratic Republic and its institutions and ensure impartiality in any legal action which might become necessary to protect it; and
    4. to avert the preemptive dismissal of any Attorney General, FBI Director, National Security Advisor, Federal Judge, Special Counsel or Prosecutor inclined to testify or rule against any sitting president or individual personally connected with said president, we hereby recommend the following PERMANENT RATIONAL REFORM:
    • Nominations for a single 10-year term ("the Term") for the positions of Attorney General (current length of term), National Security Advisor, Federal Judge and Prosecutor and FBI Director shall be made by a bipartisan, Senate nominating committee consisting of four (4) members, provided that no committee member shall have had any personal or business relationship with any nominee prior to his or her nomination.  Confirmation of the nominees shall be decided by consent of at least 2/3 of the Senate as follows:
      • The Attorney General and the National Security Advisor shall be nominated by the end of the first month of the following year in which a new or reelected President is sworn in (e.g., 2022 if sworn in on 2021) and confirmed no later than the last day of that year.
      • Federal Judges and Prosecutors and the FBI Director shall be nominated by the end of the first month of the third year in which a new or reelected President is sworn in (e.g., 2024 if sworn in on 2021) and confirmed no later than the last day of that year.
    • Only the Senate, by consent of at least 2/3 of its members, shall retain the right to dismiss and replace any individual appointed to any of these positions before the end of his or her Term has expired.
    • Upon expiration of the Term, individuals holding these positions can be renominated subject to paragraph A, above.
  2. Harsher Penalties For Elected Officials

    In the event that any elected official or government employee shall be found guilty of any felony or crime whatsoever, the severity of any applicable penalty for said felony or crime should be at least 3 times that which would otherwise be imposed on any other American citizen.  In addition, any and all benefits forthcoming to any such individual as compensation for government service, including pensions, should be deemed forfeited and cancelled.

  3. No Commutations Or Pardons For Aids Or Campaign Contributors

    No commutation or pardon should be allowed by a sitting president to any individual, including but not limited to staff members and political contributors who, directly or indirectly, shall have been connected to said sitting president at any time during said president′s tenure or previous political campaigns and whose conviction shall, directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever, be related to said connection.

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