Rational Americans
Proposed Rational Reforms To Protect Our Democracy
(In The Order Suggested)

Fair Automatic Simple Tax ("FAST")  WHY?  Without Democratic control of Congress there will be no reforms! FAST can help Democrats get elected because it addresses the most important issues for voters regardless of party affiliation: economic equality and security, fiscal responsibility and funding for indispensable social programs.  Here's how FAST does it: Read More

Judicial Reform  WHY?  In former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's words, "Trump is a 'gift to Putin'."

No sitting president should have the absolute power to arbitrarily dismiss any judge, Justice Department official or special prosecutor while investigating said president for any possible violation of the law or the Constitution of the U.S.  To protect our imperiled Democracy, this reform is imperative!

Presidents or "civil Officers of the United States" who violate Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution must be quickly investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted.  Political campaign donors and operatives connected with said president, whether family members or not, should also be prosecuted when in violation of the law and remain exempt from any pardon or exoneration granted by said president.

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Rational Term Limits  WHY?  Until we end lifetime tenure, our government will remain for sale to the highest bidder — nothing new!.  Now, however, the endurance or our Democracy and its institutions are imperiled.

Without Rational Term Limits, the fate of our Democratic institutions will remain in the hands of self-serving, party-first politicians whose insatiable hunger for power and the generous benefits of lifetime tenure allows them to turn a blind eye to the possible corruption and collusion between our current administration and Russian oligarchs intent on undermining our Democracy.

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Lobby Reform  WHY?  If we're to stop "politics-as-usual" corruption in Washington, one place to start is with our revolving-door political system, which is used by the special interests to funnel huge sums of money to greedy, self-serving politicians in order to buy influence through untraceable dark money.

Combined with Rational Term Limits, our Proposed Lobby Reform would go a long way toward ending the flagrant corruption which has turned our "government by the people" into "government by the corporations and special interests"!

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Electoral Reform  WHY?  The Framers of our Constitution could not possibly have foreseen the technological advances made in our era, nor the capacity these advances have to undermine the very protections which the Framers sought to codify in that venerable document.  If our Democracy is to endure, therefore, our electoral system will have to be "tweaked" to meet today's needs. 

The Twenty-sixth Amendment was proposed on March 23, 1971, and ratified on July 1, 1971. The ratification period of 107 days was the shortest in U.S. history. The amendment, which lowered the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen, was passed quickly to avert potential problems in the 1972 elections.

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Campaign Finance Reform  WHY?  As a result of the Citizens United Supreme Court victory, Dark Money is now "free speech" and corporations are people.  Buying elections and government influence are now easier than ever because wealthy individuals and corporations can now use Dark Money to exert even more influence than they already had in our corrupt electoral system.

The repeal of Citizens United together with our Proposed Lobby Reform, if achieved, would put an end to the flagrant corruption which poses great peril to our Constitutional Democracy.

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