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Presidential Candidate Certification: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!*
No institution or corporation in the world would hire an individual as its CEO who does not already possess a certain level of experience and competency indispensable to a successful discharge of the duties required by the position in question.  Neither should the American People!  The Oval Office is not a school for apprentices!  Given the powers vested on the executive branch and its role in the security of our nation, the Presidency of the United States is far too important an office to be held by any individual who, in the words of Paul Ryan, Former Republican Speaker of the House, is ". . . NOT STEEPED in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between DOJ, FBI and White Houses . . ."

The difficulties a modern American president faces when first elected are numerous and so it's not surprising that a certain amount of "on-the-job-training" will be necessary.  However, as a responsible American, irrespective of the profession or position a potential nominee may have held before registering as a candidate to the presidency of the United States, that individual must necessarily be familiar with the basic history, traditions and protocols necessary to facilitate the responsible execution of the duties of the Presidency.

Consistent with the above, in order to prevent the future nomination of any irresponsible, unprepared or unfit presidential candidate, Rational Americans recommends the creation of a Presidential Candidate Certification Panel ("Panel") in accordance with the following articles:

  1. Every four (4) years, in the month of January of the year prior to the next presidential election, a Panel shall be convened for the purpose of conducting a public, Pre-Registration Forum ("Forum") for the purpose of certifying any individual who has not been certified within the previous eight (8) years and is planning to run as a candidate for the presidency.  Party affiliation shall in no manner influence certification of any individual.
  2. The Panel shall consist of three (3) Senators from each of the two (2) majority parties, for a total of six (6) members.
  3. At its discretion, the Panel shall formulate a set of questions relative to the knowledge of constitutional and presidential history and the duties and protocols deemed necessary to form a new administration capable of discharging its governmental responsibilities.  Each question shall be agreed to by at least five (5) members of the Panel.
  4. Candidate certification, without which filing of the "STATEMENT OF CANDIDACY" form shall not be permitted, shall be decided by the results of the Forum in accordance with criteria previously agreed to by at least five (5) members of the Panel.
  5. For the sake of simplicity and fairness, a "Jeopardy-Style" Forum is suggested.
  6. The public Forum shall, in fact, be held no later than the end of the month of February of the year prior to the next presidential election and the results made available to the public no later than forty-eight (48) hours after it has taken place.
* For those who may have concerns about the constitutionality of a "Presidential Candidate Certification" requirement,
  1. "Citizenship" and "Age" are the only conditions of eligibility to the presidency mentioned in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution
  2. FEC FORM 2 "STATEMENT OF CANDIDACY" is a requirement not mentioned anywhere in Article II.  As a prerequisite to submission of FEC FORM 2, therefore, the constitutionality of Presidential Candidate Certification should be apparent.
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