Rational Americans
Joint Candidate Clusters
The Rationale
  • Many Democratic candidates run with little or no support
  • In many cases, candidates are "self-selected", unvetted and obliged to run self-financed, ineffectual, shoe-string campaigns.
  • More often than not, candidates get no financial support from local, county or state organizations.
  • During Florida Elections, Democratic congressional candidates have to pay $2,500 for a CD of registered voters when the CD could be obtained FREE from the State Division of Elections!
  • Candidates get no technical, social media or strategic support from Democratic organizations.
  • Because some candidates get no party support, they campaign by their own rules, sometimes having to ask for — and receiving! — support from Republicans, potentially compromising their support for core Democratic policies.
The Structure
To enhance candidate viability and party unity, we propose the creation of Joint Candidate Clusters ("JCC"), as described below, which have been designed to:
  1. vet, recruit, advise and support qualified, viable candidates willing to run their campaigns according to established JCC policies and guidelines
  2. provide each candidate as much support as possible to run a successful campaign, including a campaign-structure blueprint, as outlined in Tier B, below

Tier A - JCC Structure (Click items with > to view.)

  • 1. JCC Directors Group
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      JCC Directors Group Responsibilities

      1. establishing JCC guidelines
      2. recruiting other qualified "JCC Directors", depending on scope of campaign
      3. as members of the "Candidate Electability Team", moderating the "Candidate Electability" process
      4. recruiting and placing JCC Subgroup members according to their capabilities
      5. supervising Subgroup activity at established intervals – weekly preferred
      6. providing as much support as possible, including financial support, to meet the needs of each "JCC Member-Campaign", as outlined in the "Tier B - JCC Individual Campaign Structure" section below

  • 2. Subgroups
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      Candidate Search and Vet Responsibilities

      1. finding, thoroughly vetting, directing and mentoring qualified, electable candidates in "uncontested" districts" for which no Democratic candidate is running and who are willing to run their campaigns according
      2. establishing JCC Policies and Guidelines
      3. in districts where viable candidates are already in place, encouraging those candidates who are willing to run their campaigns according to established JCC policies and guidelines to join the JCC
      4. referring thoroughly vetted candidates to the Candidate Electability Committee


      Candidate Electability

      1. committee will consist of "Directors Group", "Candidate Search and Vet Group" and "JCC Member-Candidates"
      2. When there is more than one candidate running in the same district only:
      3. a. committee will discuss each candidate's strengths and weaknesses
      4. b. after discussion, committee will vote to select most-electable candidate
      5. c. selected candidate will receive all JCC support

    Tier B - Individual Campaign Structure

    • 1. Campaign Officials
      1. Candidate
      2. Secretary
      3. Treasurer
      4. Campaign Manager
      5. Campaign Advisors
      6. Volunteer Coordinator
      7. Field Agents — Find and recruit Local Area Representatives (Captains) and volunteers
      8. Associated Support Groups, e.g., local political clubs, online groups and organizations
    • 2. Local Area Representatives (Captains)
      1. Recruit volunteers to carry out "Support Group" functions and activities
      2. Coordinate candidate appearances in assigned local areas
      3. Recruit other Local Area Representatives
    • 3. Support Groups (Click items with > to view.)


      Reach Out

      1. volunteer recruiting
      2. door-to-door canvassing with candidate video in hand
      3. petition signing
      4. fundraising when possible
      5. email and/or phone solicitations
      6. Facebook: posting, sharing on relevant groups, adding members to candidate's group
      7. Twitter and other media posting
      8. blogging
      9. contacting supportive broadcast outlets and personalities



      1. transportation
      2. equipment (e.g., audio, video)
      3. tables, chairs, etc.
      4. literature, posters, cards, etc.



      1. website creation, maintenance and/or monitoring
      2. data entry and management
      3. presentation design and creation
      4. audio and/or video recording and editing


      Print Media and Speech Writers

      1. pre-approved letters to the editor
      2. pre-approved press releases
      3. pre-approved magazine articles
      4. pre-approved speeches



      1. encourage online donations
      2. encourage fundraising hosting, including small, private events
      3. direct donation requests from individuals and organizations



      1. geographic area evaluation
      2. voter-target recommendations

 ¹ Candidate Search and Vet Group will ensure that no candidate is accepted to join a JCC until it has been established that:
  1. candidate's motivation to run is based on other than self-serving reasons and supports term limits
  2. candidate has not been found guilty of any criminal, sex-related or other crime which would render candidate too "unfit to serve"
  3. candidate is familiar with a pre-established JCC issues-list as well as in possession of excellent communication and writing skills
 ² Candidate Electability Group
  1. Activated when there is more than one (1) vetted candidate for the same district
  2. Designed to save unnecessary primary costs and resources and avoid candidate-versus-candidate attacks and intra-party discord
  3. Shall consist of the Policy Directors and all vetted candidates for the same given district
  4. Members shall select the candidate deemed most-electable using a selection method approved by the group.
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