Rational Americans
How Democrats Can Win
A Progressive Primer
Rational Americans
We Can't Win Doing The Same Ol' Thing!
Sure!  Healthcare, the environment, global warming, education, immigration, gun control, etc. (the "Agenda"), are monumentally important and must be addressed A.S.A.P.

But first, Democrats have to be in power — all three houses! — long enough to effect permanent reforms that cannot be revoked with a stroke of the pen by the next White House occupant.

Thus, because so many Democrats stay home on election day, Democratic candidates¹ must hold the Agenda in abeyance until Democrats are in power and have a way to pay for it.²  Meanwhile, they must concentrate on issues which excite and unite voters across party lines.  For example,

  • Tax reform where everyone pays their fair share, which generates enough revenue to
    1. Pay off the national-debt
    2. Fund infrastructure repair and renovation
    3. Address climate change and the environment
    4. Fund research and development programs, especially in medicine
    5. Portray Democrats as the real fiscally-responsible party
  • Economic equality
  • Future chronic unemployment caused by automation and job-outsourcing
  • National and cyber security to protect our elections
  • Common-sense term limits
 ¹ Candidates in blue areas might have more flexibility
 ² See our plan to pay for it.
America's Monumental Problem
Our Corrupt Tax Code
Rational Americans
In 2017, while the U.S. was already being choked by a growing, $21+ Trillion national debt, the Trump/Ryan/McConnell tax cuts — skewed to transfer wealth to themselves and to their campaign contributors — were enacted.  The result: more deficits — more debt — less national security!
Rational Americans
The Precarious State Of The Union

  • Our taxation system cannot generate the revenue needed by our government to operate.
  • A big chunk of government spending must now rely on credit-card-style deficit spending, a.k.a. DEBT, which is jeopardizing our national security.
  • Billions of dollars which should be spent on our nation's needs are being used to pay interest on the national debt.
  • The U.S. is no longer seen as the preeminent world leader.
To Make Things Worse
$800 Billion in Debt Interest Paid
$800 Billion  in national-debt interest could be better spent to, for example, take care of crumbling infrastructure, which would create thousands of well-paying jobs.

The beneficiaries:

  • Chinese and Russian Oligarchs!
  • The same people who benefit from our corrupt tax system!
Rational Americans
Our Corrupt Tax Code Has To Go
We Need A New Revenue-Generating System
We need a new system designed to guarantee economic stability, equality and instill confidence in our government.  We need a new system which:
  1. will appeal to all Americans regardless of party-affiliation
  2. will activate and deactivate automatically and keep politicians' hands off the tax code
  3. will guarantee that everyone will pay their fair share
  4. will pay off the national debt in a reasonable amount of time (between 10 and 20 years)
  5. will eliminate deficits forever
  6. will restore confidence in our tax system and guarantee economic stability
  7. will provide enough revenue for healthcare, infrastructure, environmental initiatives, world-class education, etc.
  8. will restore America's role as leader of the free world
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