Rational Americans
Rational Americans

About Rational Americans

The "pass-the-buck" time is long-gone!  It's time for action!  Rational Americans ("RA") was not created as a forum to vent, complain or state the obvious.  RA was created to provide realistic, transparent, rational, Permanent Solutions and Reforms conceived to solve the problems which now threaten our sovereignty, our national security, our Democracy and its institutions.

Never conjecture!  RA Permanent Solutions and Reforms are based on verifiable, historical information from sources readily available online for which direct links are provided to the reader for his or her own scrutiny.

America Needs You!

RA is seeking patriotic, responsible, can-do Americans to whom the preservation of our imperiled Democracy and its institutions are important and are willing to give a little of their time and volunteer to actively participate in an effort to inform all Americans that there actually are Permanent Solutions and Reforms to fix what is wrong with our divided nation.

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