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Democrats' Extreme Priorities – 2019
The Need For A New Paradigm
Democrats' same-old solution, raising taxes to fund social programs, always alienates the Insecure Majority*.  It gave us George W. Bush, the Great 2008 Recession, Donald Trump and Global Instability and Insecurity  It's time for new Democratic Solutions!

Rational Americans
Irresponsible Republican policies are putting our Democracy – along with the long-established Alliances on which our National Security and World Peace depend – in peril!  Reversing these dangerous, self-serving policies and protecting our Democracy are the Democrats' extreme priorities.
Wanted: American Patriots
Protecting our Democracy and it's institutions should be every American's #1 priority!  Yet, in flagrant dereliction of their oversight responsibilities, self-serving, party-first Republicans in Congress have opted to ignore Donald Trump's reckless "deconstruction" of government agencies indispensable to our nation's security, our economic well-being and world peace and security.

Sensing the inadequacy of the Trump Administration's reckless, often corrupt behavior, our enemies, foreign and domestic, almost openly endeavor to undermine our Democracy and its institutions.

Once again, it has become incumbent on Democrats to clean up another mess created by Republican enablers which is seriously threatening our National Security, our Democracy and our American way of life.

We take our Democracy for granted at our own peril!  Russia, Trump and the Republicans have made this quite clear.  Only Democrats will protect our Democracy!
Rational Americans
Since World War II, the security and stability of America and the West has been connected to our long-standing alliances, especially NATO.  Those who seek to undermine these alliances undermine our national security.
Democrats' Extreme Priorities
Foreign adversaries have for years surreptitiously interfered in our elections.  These enemies of our Constitutional Democracy have stolen government secrets, military secrets and emails as well as U.S. corporate trade secrets.

Needless to say, these nefarious activities by our foreign adversaries pose a great threat to our democratic system, our economy and the peace and stability of the world.

Yet, Trump-enabling Republicans in Congress, who have totally controlled our government since 2010, have tacitly stood by oblivious to the security of our nation.  As always, Republicans are more concerned with their own re-election and staying in power than with the security of their own Homeland!

The Bottom Line

Going forward, addressing these extreme priorities and delivering on the American People's Agenda will naturally fall squarely on Democratic Party shoulders – it always has – but it won't be cheap!

Making the American People's Agenda a reality won't be cheap.  As always, the question is: "How are we going to pay for it?"  There is a way; raising taxes for everyone is not the answer – The FAST Tax is!
Rational Americans
Reality check: Democrats shouldn't be offering all things to all people without first offering a plan to raise the needed revenue without raising tax rates for the Insecure Majority* — the FAST Tax is that plan!  Read More
How Are We Going To Pay For It?
Effectuating the American People's Agenda will be an extremely expensive proposition.  As always, the question is, "How are we going to pay for it?"

Raising taxes for everyone and providing Republicans with fuel for their next campaign (Democrats are "tax-and-spend liberals" who will raise your taxes) and alienating the Insecure Majority, is clearly not the solution.

What America Needs Now:
  1. replacement of a corrupt, debt-generating tax system which is skewed to benefit wealthy Republican campaign donors at the expense and peril of the poor, the middle class and our national security
  2. adoption of a simple tax code which is simple, automatic, where everyone pays their fair share and generates enough revenue to pay for the American People's Agenda
  3. a tax system that keeps politicians' hands off of the tax code and takes away their ability to use it to favor their wealthy campaign donors
  4. legislation to make the Fair Automatic Simple Tax("FAST") the law of the land

FAST will generate the revenue necessary to pay for the American People's Agenda while gradually paying off the national debt! Rational Americans
Once adopted, FAST will prove, once and for all, that Democrats are truly the fiscally-responsible servants of the American people.
Learning From The Past
To win permanent majorities, Democrats must learn from the past!  Raising taxes again to effectuate the American People's Agendajust to have them lowered by the next Republican Congress – is not the solution.

Let's face it: With a growing $21.5 Trillion national debt around its neck, our government is tapped out – broke!  The only way to pay for the American People's Agenda is to raise the necessary revenue, which can only be done by raising taxes.  Just raising taxes again, however, is a very bad idea.  Fortunately for Democrats, there is a better way!

Since the Great Depression, in fact, raising taxes is what every Democratic administration has been doing to fix economic downturns.  Unfortunately, once the economy stabilizes and confidence is restored,
  1. Republicans dust off their Playbook
  2. Democrats are characterized as "fiscally-irresponsible tax-and-spend Liberals"
  3. Republicans win elections and take control of the government
  4. Republicans enact fiscally-irresponsible tax cuts and deregulation legislation
  5. the economy goes into recession and unemployment rates climb
  6. Democrats raise taxes, the economy stabilizes, unemployment rates go down dramatically
  7. the tax-rates see-saw cycle starts all over again

Who pays the consequences?  The poor, the middle class and the insecure majority!  It's time for Democrats to break the cycle.

Fiscal Responsibility is the Republicans' "battle cry".  Nonetheless, it is Democrats who historically have truly been fiscally responsible! Rational Americans
Thanks to irresponsible tax cuts and a penchant for deregulation going back to depression-era Republicans, the economy and unemployment rates have always been worse after Republicans leave office.
Republican Fiscal Responsibility – Not!
As a consequence of two (2) irresponsible, across-the-board, Republican tax cuts, the economies of America and the world were jolted by the Great Bush 41 Recession of 2008.

Nonetheless, ignoring the aforesaid and a gigantic, ever-growing, $20 Trillion national debt incurred as a consequence of the Great Bush 41 Recession of 2008, Republicans unleashed their Trump/Ryan/McConnell tax cuts in December, 2017 – thus adding an additional $1.5 Trillion to the national debt.

Cause for alarm: The financial-market conditions which triggered the Great 2008 Recession, e.g., financial institutions "too big to fail", are still lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.  Because of the Trump tax cuts, revenue will decrease; recovering from the next recession could be harder than in 2008.

Extreme Priorities – 2019
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Protecting Our Democracy
Voter Suppression

For Republicans, staying in power is priority #1.  Their voter-suppression tactics targeting minorities in Georgia, Texas, North Dakota and elsewhere in the U.S. provide ample evidence of their willingness to do anything to win.

Read More
Protecting Our Free Press
Voter Suppression

As Donald Trump's frontal attack on the American Free Press continues, Republicans are happy to keep their heads in the sand until the sandstorm passes – never mind the harm Trump's lying does to our Democracy!

Read More
The Insecure Majority

Historically, issues related to the ability to "earn a living" (income) have always been of primary importance to the vast majority of voters, taxes in particular!

When the Insecure Majority is feeling uncertain about the future, "Pocketbook Issues" always rank at the top of the list.  Higher taxes?  The last thing they want!

Read More
Rational Americans

  1. Without Democratic control of Congress there will be no reforms!
  2. Democratic control depends on winning the "Hearts and Minds" of the Insecure Majority.
  3. FAST can help Democrats get elected because it addresses the most important issues for voters regardless of party affiliation: economic equality and security, fiscal responsibility and funding for indispensable social programs.  Read More
Calculate Your Own FAST Rate
Rational Americans

No sitting president should have the absolute power to arbitrarily dismiss or replace any judge, Justice Department official or Special Prosecutor while said official is conducting an investigation of said president for any possible violation of the law or the Constitution of the U.S.

This reform is imperative!  Read More
Rational Americans

  1. Given the Republican Voter-Suppression Tactics Targeting Minorities in Georgia, Texas, North Dakota and elsewhere in the U.S., the time has come for Democrats to pass permanent National Uniform Registration & Voting Standards legislation AND propose it as a Constitutional Amendment!  This will ensure voter equality and participation during presidential and mid-term elections.  Our suggestions:
    1. the starting date, time and duration of all campaign-related activities, including absentee voting, early voting, vote-by-mail and voter registration methods, should be the same throughout the nation.
    2. Election Day should always be held on Sunday and declared a national holiday
    3. Voter registration should be up to 21st Century standards.  See Brennan Center For Justice Recommendations.

If our Democracy is to endure, our Constitution will have to be "tweaked" to address the flagrant voter suppression just exhibited in the 2018 mid-term elections.  Read More
Rational Americans

Until we end lifetime tenure , our government will remain for sale to the highest bidder – nothing new!.  Now, however, the endurance or our Democracy and its institutions are imperiled.

Without Rational Term Limits, the fate of our Democratic institutions remains in the hands of self-serving, power-hungry politicians willing to turn a blind eye to government corruption and collusion with foreign oligarchs intent on undermining our Democracy.  Read More
Rational Americans

Putting an end to our corrupt, revolving-door, politics-as-usual Washington culture is imperative!

It's time to put an end to a system used by the special interests to funnel huge sums of money to greedy, self-serving Washington politicians to buy influence through untraceable dark money!

Combined with Rational Term Limits, our proposed Lobby Reform legislation would go a long way toward ending the flagrant corruption which has turned our "government by the people" into "government by the corporations and special interests"!  Read More
Rational Americans

As a result of the Citizens United Supreme Court victory, Dark Money is now "free speech" and corporations are people.

Wealthy individuals and corporations can now use Dark Money to buy elections and exert even more influence than they already had in our corrupt electoral system.

The repeal of Citizens United, together with our Proposed Lobby Reform, would put an end to the flagrant corruption which now imperils our Constitutional Democracy.  Read More
Rational Americans

RA was created to provide rational, realistic, transparent, reforms designed to solve the problems which now threaten our sovereignty, our national security, our Democracy and its institutions. Read More
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