Voter Suppression and Pocketbook Politics
Winning the "Hearts and Minds" of the Insecure Majority*
In the 2018 elections, Republicans won elections in Georgia, Texas, North Dakota and other states by suppressing the vote of targeted minority voters.
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In 2019, the #1 priority of all Democrats should be the protection of one of the most precious American rights: the vote!

Democrats control the House.  Now they must concentrate on winning the "Hearts and Minds" of those who never really benefit from economic upturns: The Insecure Majority!
Rational Americans
To end voter suppression and protect our Democracy, Democrats must first win elections and take control of the government.  Addressing the fears and needs of the Insecure Majority without raising their taxes is the key.  Luckily, we have the solution!
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Voters generally face countless issues during elections.  When the future is uncertain for the Insecure Majority, "Pocketbook Issues" always rank at the top of the list.  Higher taxes are the last thing they want!
During elections, there are always countless issues of varying importance for different segments of the population to consider, e.g., healthcare, education, immigration, discrimination, crime, abortion, etc.

Nonetheless, historically, issues related to the ability to "earn a living" (income) have always been of primary importance to the vast majority of voters — taxes in particular!

Understandably, when an individual's ability to "earn a living" is threatened, all other issues become secondary.  In fact, even the unfounded fear of immigrants taking American jobs has lately become a primary issue for some voters.

Moreover, these days, the winning chances of any candidate who has previously raised — or plans to raise — taxes are D.O.A. by election day.  Notable examples:

  1. In 1984 Walter Mondale promised to raise taxes and was defeated by Ronald Reagan who, by then was suffering from dementia.
  2. In 1992 George W. Bush, who had promised to NOT raise taxes ("Read my lips! No new taxes!") but, responsibly, went along with tax hikes anyway
  3. In 2000 Al Gore lost even though the economy was fairly healthy and Democrats had left a surplus.  George W. Bush, who beat him, simply promised to cut taxes and give the surplus back to the taxpayers.
To win permanent majorities in the future, Democrats must learn from the past and adopt a new paradigm! Fully cognizant of the above, Bill Clinton took a different approach during his campaign for the presidency, and was elected.
Bill Clinton's 1992 Campaign slogan was "It's the economy, stupid!"  He won in 1992 and then again in 1996.
Rational Americans
In 1992, in spite of incumbent President George H.W. Bush's laudable success getting Sadam Hussein out of Kuwait, Bill Clinton won the election.  Why?
By 1992, Reagan's ill-conceived tax cuts and supply-side economic model had taken the economy in the wrong direction and, once again, Americans were feeling insecure about their ability to earn a living.

Acting responsibly, President Bush (41) violated his memorable "read-my-lips-no-new-taxes" promise and went along with some modest tax rate hikes.  This felt like a kick in the face to Republicans and he lost about 20% of his base support to Ross Perot, who split the Republican vote and made it possible for Bill Clinton to win.

Republicans have learned this lesson well.  Democrats have not!  That's why in 2000, when the economy was doing very well and Bill Clinton's approval was fairly high, Al Gore promised to raise taxes for those earning over $250K and lost to George W. Bush (43), who promised the opposite — lower taxes for everyone — which never fails for Republicans when the economy is doing well.
During elections, when the economy is stable and voters feel confident, Republicans dust off their Playbook ~ and win. Rational Americans
The down side: Thanks to irresponsible tax cuts and anti-regulatory legislation going back to the depression-era Republican administration, the economy and unemployment rates have always been worse after Republicans have left office and better after Democrats have left office.  See The Proof . . .
In spite of the fact that the Obama Administration had put the economy on the right track again, quite considerably lowered unemployment rates and restored the level of confidence, Trump won in 2016!

Why did Trump win?
  1. President Obama raised taxes
  2. Donald Trump's anti-immigrant invective — tinged with a shade of overt racism — appealed to his supporters who, mistakenly, view immigrants as a threat to their ability to make a living and their personal security.
  3. Most important, Trump's supporters had no fear of higher taxes with Trump.
Could Trump have won if his supporters had thought he would raise their taxes?

Unfortunately for our country, most likely, just as in 2008, when the Republican Playbook's reckless, irresponsible, budget-busting, 2017 tax cuts and deregulatory legislation kick in, the economy will probably once again go into recession, millions will lose their jobs and countless Americans will be pushed into poverty.

Should this dire prediction come true, as in the past, voters will again elect a Democratic administration to undo the damage caused by the Republicans.  Some examples:

  1. Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 (during the Great Hoover Depression)
  2. Bill Clinton in 1992 (during the Reagan/Bush 41 Recession)
  3. Barack Obama in 2008 (during the Bush 43 Great Recession)
In these situations, government spending and raising taxes have been the only "tools" available to Democrats to stabilize the economy

These tools work but, unfortunately, once the economy stabilizes and confidence is restored, Republicans dust off their Playbook, take control of the government, enact fiscally-irresponsible tax cuts, damage the economy and the cycle starts all over again. Who pays the consequences?  The insecure majority!

It's time for Democrats to break the cycle.
The Insecure Majority includes members of all parties at all income levels.
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Rational Americans

  1. Without Democratic control of Congress there will be no reforms!
  2. Democratic control depends on winning the "Hearts and Minds" of the Insecure Majority.
  3. FAST can help Democrats get elected because it addresses the most important issues for voters regardless of party affiliation: economic equality and security, fiscal responsibility and funding for indispensable social programs.  Read More
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No sitting president should have the absolute power to arbitrarily dismiss or replace any judge, Justice Department official or Special Prosecutor while said official is conducting an investigation of said president for any possible violation of the law or the Constitution of the U.S.

This reform is imperative!  Read More
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  1. Given the Republican Voter Suppression Efforts Targeting Minorities in Georgia, Texas, North Dakota and elsewhere in the U.S., the time has come for Democrats to pass permanent National Uniform Registration & Voting Standards legislation AND propose it as a Constitutional Amendment!  This will ensure voter equality and participation during presidential and mid-term elections.  Our suggestions:
    1. the starting date, time and duration of all campaign-related activities, including absentee voting, early voting, vote-by-mail and voter registration methods, should be the same throughout the nation.
    2. Election Day should always be held on Sunday and declared a national holiday
    3. Voter registration should be up to 21st Century standards.  See Brennan Center For Justice Recommendations.

If our Democracy is to endure, our Constitution will have to be "tweaked" to address the flagrant voter suppression just exhibited in the 2018 mid-term elections.  Read More
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Until we end lifetime tenure , our government will remain for sale to the highest bidder — nothing new!.  Now, however, the endurance or our Democracy and its institutions are imperiled.

Without Rational Term Limits, the fate of our Democratic institutions remains in the hands of self-serving, power-hungry politicians willing to turn a blind eye to government corruption and collusion with foreign oligarchs intent on undermining our Democracy.  Read More
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Putting an end to our corrupt, revolving-door, politics-as-usual Washington culture is imperative!

It's time to put an end to a system used by the special interests to funnel huge sums of money to greedy, self-serving Washington politicians to buy influence through untraceable dark money!

Combined with Rational Term Limits, our proposed Lobby Reform legislation would go a long way toward ending the flagrant corruption which has turned our "government by the people" into "government by the corporations and special interests"!  Read More
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As a result of the Citizens United Supreme Court victory, Dark Money is now "free speech" and corporations are people.

Wealthy individuals and corporations can now use Dark Money to buy elections and exert even more influence than they already had in our corrupt electoral system.

The repeal of Citizens United, together with our Proposed Lobby Reform, would put an end to the flagrant corruption which now imperils our Constitutional Democracy.  Read More
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RA was created to provide rational, realistic, transparent, reforms designed to solve the problems which now threaten our sovereignty, our national security, our Democracy and its institutions. Read More
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