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Rational Americans
Rational Americans
Rational Americans
Rational Americans

Rational Americans

Which One Is Better For America?

The answer should be obvious if you love our country and what it stands for.  However, the Democratic Agenda will remain just that, "an agenda", until Democrats take control of the government, which will require that Democratic candidates be fully cognizant of, and adhere to, today's political reality:
  1. Voting Habits:  Even though potential Democratic voters outnumber Republicans, Republicans are considerably more likely to register and vote in general and mid-term elections.
  2. Swing-Voter Dependency:  To win elections, Democrats must depend on so-called swing voters — namely, Republicans and Independents.
  3. Unfriendly Districts:  In "Unfriendly districts" (where the majority of its constituents is not Democratic), using traditional vote-for-me-because-I'm not-a-Republican or any other kind of divisive rhetoric will not yield electoral victories.  In such districts, Democratic candidates must necessarily adopt platforms tailored to these constituencies in a manner that will not alienate the Democratic base, concentrating on "shared issues".
  4. Shared Issues:  Some issues, e.g., fair taxation, fiscal responsibility, national security, infrastructure and the environment, are important to all voters, while other issues remain divisive wedges which prevent large numbers of voters from supporting Democrats at the polls.
  5. The Objective:  Give the following groups a reason to come back to the party — permanently!
    1. the disillusioned — those who don't even bother to register to vote because they have lost all hope in the government's ability and willingness to help them improve their lives
    2. the skeptics — those who vote for their party but feel they have no incentive to get involved politically in any other way
    3. the disaffected — Republicans, Independents and others who are disillusioned with the Republican Party but remain suspicious of traditional Democratic "identity" politics and the party's unwarranted reputation as fiscally-irresponsible, tax-and-spend Liberals

Democrats Can Win

Rational Americans was created as the go-to source designed to provide viable Democratic candidates and organizations with the "tools" necessary to organize supported candidate campaigns and volunteers, e.g.,
  1. Joint Candidate Clusters ("JCC")
  2. Fair Automatic Simple Tax ("FAST")
  3. Lobby Reform
  4. Campaign Finance Reform
  5. Electoral Reform
  6. Judicial Reform
  7. Rational Term Limits
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