Rational Americans
Our Nation Is Drowning In Debt!
It's Time For The FAST Tax!
The national debt is $22 Trillion+ and growing
Debt interest will be $1 Trillion this year alone*
The Causes
The Consequences
The Solution
*$1 Trillion less available to fix crumbling infrastructure and create thousands of jobs
It's Time For The FAST Tax!
Fair Automatic Simple Tax ("FAST")

What FAST Provides

Needed Revenue


Economic Stability

Economic Equality


National Security

Read all about the Fair Automatic Simple Tax. When done, Calculate your own taxes to see how FAST rates will affect your taxes by simply providing a gross-income amount.
Unfounded Claims
Democrats Are Tax-And-Spend Liberals
Democrats Just Want To Raise Your Taxes
Let's face it!  Most Independents and Republicans live with the fear that all Democrats are tax-and-spend socialists who just want to raise their taxes to pay for universal healthcare, free tuition, climate change, the environment, etc.  History says otherwise!

The fact is that, yes, Democrats have had to raise taxes in the past — always after irresponsible Republican tax-cutting policies have sunk the economy into depression or recession (e.g., Hoover in 1929; Bush 43 and others).

The Proof: Republican tax-cuts' effect on U.S. economy

Other Imperative Reforms
Rational Americans
What The Resolution Does
It is monumentally absurd that one individual, ignoring the consequences, should have the absolute power to shut down the government of the United States — just because he can!
Rational Americans
No sitting president should have the absolute power to arbitrarily dismiss or replace any Justice Department official, judge or Special Prosecutor while said individual is actively conducting an investigation of said president or anyone connected with said president for any possible violation of the law or the U.S. Constitution.  Read More
Rational Americans
No! Elections Are Not Term Limits!
Without Rational Term Limits, the fate of our Democratic institutions remains in the hands of self-serving, power-hungry politicians willing to turn a blind eye to government corruption and collusion with foreign oligarchs intent on undermining our Democracy.
Until we end lifetime tenure, our government will remain for sale to the highest bidder.  Now, however, the endurance of our Democracy and its institutions are imperiled.  Read More
Rational Americans
If our Democracy is to endure, our Constitution will have to be "tweaked" to address the flagrant voter suppression just exhibited in the 2018 mid-term elections.
If our Democracy is to endure, our electoral system will necessarily have to be "tweaked" according to the needs of the times we live in.  Read More
Rational Americans
The repeal of Citizens United, in conjunction with our proposed Lobby Reform Solution, would put an end to the flagrant corruption which imperils our Democracy.

Taking money out of politics has long been supported by American voters regardless of party affiliation.  Repealing Citizens United, therefore, is of paramount importance.  Read More
Rational Americans
Our proposed Lobby Reform legislation would go a long way toward ending the flagrant corruption which has turned our "government by the people" into "government by and for the corporations and special interests"!
Combined with Rational Term Limits, our proposed Lobby Reform solution would bring us one step closer to the American ideal of "government by and for the people"!  Read More
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